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Tobin-Krofchick Fund

With Canada’s inflation rate surging and the cost of groceries increasing at the fastest pace on record, the impact is being felt at the kitchen table for people on the brink of food insecurity. Millions more Canadians are now experiencing hunger, making the heartbreaking decision between paying the rent or feeding their families.

Children need healthy food to support their development and overall mental and physical health. Children need healthy food to build a strong immune system. Children need healthy food to flourish and thrive.

The Tobin-Krofchick Family and Second Harvest believe that everyone should have access to fresh and healthy food. Please join us so we can see our vision of No Waste, No Hunger become a reality, so no Canadian family or child gets left behind.

Please consider making a donation.

Gifts made through this donation page are donations towards programs and designated funds in support of Second Harvest Canada’s programs and services. The values, services, equipment, and programs described on the donation page are representations of the charity’s programs.